Trending Keywords on Twitter: One Hot Summer for Energy

Summer can be a sleepy time for businesses, but not the cleantech industry. We maintain a Twitter list of journalists covering the energy sector, and between the Democratic debates, the Clean Power Plan repeal, record-shattering extreme weather and news out of the U.K. about clean energy becoming a dominant source [...]

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Three Steps To Business Transformation Through Agile

  Reposted from Laura Taylor's Forbes Agency Council page.  Years ago, our team was nomadic. We were always seeking ways to improve the quality of our deliverables with a growing team. We knew we needed to respond faster to change -- and with ease -- while creating value for clients [...]

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Democrat Debates Shy Away from Clean Energy Solutions

If you listened closely to the debates this week, you may have heard the Democratic candidates for president mention electric vehicles, a carbon tax and something about solar and wind. But these were fleeting moments. Over the course of four hours over two days in a city beset by rising [...]

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