Choosing the Right Agile Approach

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Need more background? Here ya go…

For our team choosing the right form of Agile was all about finding a sustainable solution. We had been process nomads and the team desired a workflow management solution that could grow and adapt as we evolve. We loved the energy and excitement of agency work but craved a maintainable, grounding process. When it really got down to it, we identified a few key areas for improvement that included:

  1. Enhanced delivery tracking
  2. Clearly articulated value
  3. Better prioritization
  4. Streamlined workflow
  5. Improved communication, planning and organization

To deploy an Agile mindset, the team engaged an Agile coach and discussed work styles, processes and overall needs to determine the right approach. We initially considered Scrum, a popular Agile framework, but needed greater flexibility to handle disruptions and fluctuating deadlines.

Enter Kanban, a management method that uses visualization and work-in-progress limits to help teams balance customer demands with capacity to deliver. Kanban naturally resonated with the team – we viewed our transformation as an evolution and were enthusiastic about the opportunity for continuous improvement. Kanban’s emphasis on managing the workflow, not the workers, to maximize the flow of deliverables and increase value for clients made sense to them. We jumped in feet first and have never looked back. It’s been a wonderful journey and has created a differentiated way of working while delivering value to clients early and often.

In the second episode of our Agile for Communications Marketing podcast, we continue the conversation with Chris Tomassian and Mark Grove, Agile coaches from Excella, to answer the very important question “Why are you choosing Agile?”. We unpack topics such as evaluating and selecting the right type of Agile, how to set expectations, and why to pursue Agile in the first place.   This episode is published on both Podbean and Soundcloud. CLICK on one of the buttons below to listen!