Silverline Communications has always been about new directions and uncharted territory that when explored yields great benefits for our clients and partners. 2019 marks our tenth year of providing unparalleled services and like any other successful company we’ve grown, learned, and matured during our first decade. We’re now embarking on a new venture that expands our services in order to help our clients continue to thrive.

Beginning in the spring of 2019, Silverline will launch a Supplier Diversity Program that aims to help our current and potential clients meet their supplier diversity goals. For Silverline, supplier diversity programs are another way can support our clients and partners. Our team is a rainbow of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Each members’ unique experiences enrich our clients’ projects by offering fresh viewpoints and insights. Silverline has also provided support to a long list of multinational clients. This combination allows us to work with companies of any size to meet their supplier diversity goals while maintaining the highest level of service.

Many Fortune listed companies have these specific outreach programs because they realize the many benefits of engaging minority-owned businesses. Research shows that supplier diversity programs can add $3.6 million to the bottom line for every $1 million in procurement operation costs. Companies have also reported increased market share and access to new revenue opportunities as a result of their supplier diversity efforts. The benefits aren’t just monetary; companies also recognize that supplier diversity programs also help burnish their image as good corporate citizens and add momentum toward reaching their CSR goals.

As 2019 progresses, and certainly well into the future, Silverline will continue to be active player in the supplier diversity community. We’ll publish a regular blog “Diversity Dish” about trends as well as profiles of successful industry leaders from underrepresented communities, provide commentary on thought leader pronouncements, and generally celebrate the unique cultural backgrounds of our team and industry peers.

We’re storytellers, so if you have suggestions of good ones we need to know about and celebrate, please contact Agustín Cruz to help us spread the word.