Part 1: How to Get Around in Utah

If you’re going to Solar Power International this September, that means you’re going to Utah!

The state has a quirky reputation, but Utah is a fantastic place to 1) attend a conference and 2) do business with local companies in the clean energy field.

Silverline, the leading communications agency for clean energy businesses, has an office in Salt Lake City, so we asked our colleague Joey Marquart what SPI attendees need to know about Utah. He’s covered everything you need to know while you’re in town starting with the top tips for getting around the city.

How to Get Around in Salt Lake City

    • AIRPORT– It’s a super quick drive from airport to downtown. Often less than 20 minutes; 30 minutes in unusual traffic. I’ve done it in 10! You can also take our light rail, TRAX, from the airport to downtown near most hotels.
    • BIKES– Like LA and many other Western places, Utahns love their cars. In fact, they love BIG cars. But Salt Lake City has an awesome GREENbike sharing program – you’ll see the bikes all over downtown. Try them as you jet from event to event — GREENbike is offering readers of this blog unlimited 30-minute rides during SPI – just type the promotion code “92219” into any GREENbike station.
    • SCOOTERS– Love ’em or hate ’em, you’ll see electric scooters on most street corners, which is a great option as Salt Lake City blocks are longer than most cities. Starting at just $1 a ride scooters are a perfect for short to medium distance trips where walking would take too long. Download Lime or Bird on your phone before you get to town to be ready to go!
  • GET TO A CANYON. – Go on a “walking meeting” in the great outdoors – Memory Grove has a paved walking trail that winds up toward City Creek Canyon along a creek. It’s a 15-minute walk or five-minute ride from SPI.

Questions? Hit us up to maximize your SPI experience in Salt Lake City at and stay tuned for more information on what you need to know when you’re in Salt Lake.