Splitting the House and Senate – What it means for Big Tech

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Dust from the midterm elections this week is beginning to settle. For technology companies, the divided House and Senate offers a mix of outcomes as Wired and TheStreet have outlined in their respective articles.

Here are the highlights:

The Good

  • Legislation critical of the technology industry will be harder to pass. Think net neutrality or consumer privacy or ad targeting as these will likely die on the vine.
  • Legislation regarding monopolistic business practices will slow or may even stall due to partisan ways. This is good because these companies can continue to innovate without government intervention.

The Bad

  • Privacy, trade policy and broadband infrastructure may be top of mind issues in the new House and Senate, which means they will continue to scrutinize the industry.
  • The stock market may respond negatively to the newly politically divided House and Senate. Only time will tell.

No matter where you sit on the political spectrum, the changes on the horizon in 2019 will undoubtedly have an impact on the technology sector, but what remains to be seen is what issues Congress goes to battle over with Tech giants. Be sure to stay tuned!